Peace in Our Nation

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facebook boosted_no date1200x900This is the fourth in this series as we move one more “ripple” outward to talk about peace in our nation, especially in the arena of politics. You might enjoy a part of this sermon (2:41-6:12) by Andy Stanley about Election Infection that we watched as a Call to Worship. You might also want to read along in Matthew 22:15-22.


Peace in Our Community

facebook boosted_no date1200x900This is the third message in this series about how peace can flow from us to all those around us. This week we’ll touch on peace in our community which means our neighbor, co-worker, church and beyond. You might want to watch this great scene from the movie 42 and you might want to read Mark 12:30-31 and Galatians 3:28.


Peace In the Family

facebook boosted_no date1200x900The second in this worship series on peace as we explore how to have deeper peace in our family. If you liked the teaching you might to read this summary or even check out the book Crucial Conversations!




Lord Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace With God!

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facebook boosted_no date1200x900The first in this worship series as we explore the topic of Peace. This first message is our foundation of Peace, the reconciling love we have from God through Jesus Christ! You might also enjoy this series video of St. Francis prayer and you might also want to follow along in Romans 5:1-11.



Listen to Him!

transfigurationThis message will help you draw closer to Jesus as you follow God’s instruction to “Listen to Him!” You might want to follow along in Matthew 17:1-9.



Jesus, Blesser of Relationships

xtian-weddingThis message will bless your life, especially your marriage, as we talk about how regular worship attendance dramatically changes your perspective and relationships!

You might also enjoy this scene from Love Actually we viewed as a Call to Worship and this text from John 15:9-12.



More God, Less Stress: Sharing and Wrap Up

stress-hampster-03The sixth and final in this series as we explore how sharing with others can help reduce stress which we live out by an open mic time. You might want to read along in Philippians 4:4-7 and this insert is a great summary of how to manage stress!


More God, Less Stress-Serve

stress-hampster-03This fifth in the series deals with how we can reduce stress by helping and serving others. You also might also enjoy this call to worship and want to follow along in Mark 9:33-39. Lastly, this sermon outline might be helpful!



More God, Less Stress: Simplicity and Laughter

stress-hampster-03The fourth in this worship series as we talk about the value of simplicity and laughter to reduce stress. You will definitely enjoy this Christian Comedian who we watched for a call to worship. You also might want to read 1 Kings 19:9-13. This sermon outline will also be helpful in remembering this message. Lastly, you may wonder about the ending of the message. We gave out noisemakers and water pistols and everybody had some fun and laughter…to reduce stress!



More God, Less Stress: More Planning, Less Stress

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stress-hampster-03The third in this worship series as we learn how to reduce stress by not only trusting God, but by taking some steps to reduce stress. You might find following along in Matthew 14:22-33 helpful and you also will want to check out this sermon outline handout!