Lutheran Foundations-Introduction

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The first message in a series exploring the many important aspects of the Protestant Reformation. From this we learn not only about our past, but who we are now and will be in the future!

You might also enjoy this movie version of Luther at the Diet of Worms. (It’s old but powerful!)



Celebrating Freedom!

This message, preached on Memorial Day weekend, reflects on the connections between our national freedoms and the freedom we have in Christ! You might want to read Galatians 5:13-14.  Also here is the video we used for the call to worship and also the thought provoking video from Clayton Christensen.




Thank You For Your Service!

I hope you feel thanked and encouraged as use your gifts to service and love others! You might also enjoy this call to worship and might want to read along in 1 Peter 4:7-11.



Honor Your Father and Mother

To celebrate Mother’s Day, this message focuses on the commandment to “honor your father and mother” which we know you will find a blessing! You might also want to follow along in Exodus 20:1-17 and you will absolutely be inspired and get a laugh out of this call to worship!


Spring Cleaning: What to Give?

gallery-1458687288-index-spring-cleaningThe third and final message in this series reflecting on our “Spiritual Spring Cleaning!” The series ends as we think about what we can give away to others! You might want to follow along in John 13:1-17 as the message ends with this great reminder of how Jesus gave to us!



Spring Cleaning: What to Trash?

gallery-1458687288-index-spring-cleaningThe second in this short worship series thinking about what “Spiritual Spring Cleaning” we need to do. This week focuses on what to trash…things that are hampering the life we are mean to live that need to go to the curb! You might want to follow along in Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23 at the end of the message.


What to Keep?

gallery-1458687288-index-spring-cleaningThe first of a three-part Spring Cleaning Worship Series! This first week talks about “What to Keep?”.  The series will continue with “What to Trash?” and end with “What to Give Away?” You might want to follow along in the scripture passage, Luke 15:1-10.




News You Can Use — Easter Sunday

Empty tomb with three crosses on a hil lside.

This Easter Sunday, the message is called “News You Can Use”, because the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection can truly change your life!


Peace in the World

facebook boosted_no date1200x900The fifth and final message in this worship series, this one on Peace in the World!  The guest preacher is Pastor Laura Sinche of the Baltimore Lutheran Campus Ministry! Laura is preaching on Romans 12:9-21. You might also enjoy this Call to Worship we showed.



Peace in Our Nation

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facebook boosted_no date1200x900This is the fourth in this series as we move one more “ripple” outward to talk about peace in our nation, especially in the arena of politics. You might enjoy a part of this sermon (2:41-6:12) by Andy Stanley about Election Infection that we watched as a Call to Worship. You might also want to read along in Matthew 22:15-22.