Offer Your Food to the Hungry

Hands of Service BackgroundThis week we’re focusing on serving through feeding those in need! You might want to read along in Isaiah 58:6-12 and you definitely will want to check this video out with St. Paul’s people sharing about Martha’s Meal. If you live local and would like more information on serving at Martha’s Meal, please email me!


Serve With the Strength of God

Hands of Service BackgroundThis message will be a huge blessing as you reach out in hands of service….and are blessed in the process! You might want to read along in 1 Peter 4:7-11 as well as watching this call to worship, “As Is” by Peter Eide.


Hands of Service

Hands of Service BackgroundThis worship series is called, “Hands of Service” and this message takes this literally as we explore how Jesus touched people and how we can do the same! Here is a copy of Max Lucado’s story about the leper from his book Just Like Jesus as well as Mark 1:40-45.

I so hope this message inspires you to see opportunities and reach out to make this world a better place, filled with more peace!



Let Every Person Be Subject…

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Hands of Service BackgroundFor this message I wrestle with what Martin Luther called “The Two Kingdoms,” the Kingdom of the Earth and the Kingdom of God. This seemed especially appropriate as we continue talking about service, but also celebrate our nation’s birthday. You might want to follow along in Romans 13:1-7 and Mark 12:13-17. Is also mentioned. Lastly, you might enjoy this call to worship video we used!


Faith Without Works Is Dead?

Hands of Service BackgroundFresh back from vacation, I’m wrestling with this challenging passage from James 2:14-17! At the end of this message I refer to this handout. If you have thoughts and reflections and especially want to wrestle with how you are doing at “faith and works” please send me an email and we’ll talk!  God Bless!


Celebrating Our Graduates

Graduation CelebrationThis weekend we celebrated our High School graduates! If you have a graduate in your household that you would like to make them a gift bag, here is the handout I used and you might also enjoy this Call to Worship!


Called to Serve: A Memorial Day Message

ThanksAs we celebrate Memorial Day weekend, I thought we would look at the topic of service, both in the military and in our own personal lives.  This encounter in Mark 10:35-45 give us a great window into what we should and should not do when we think about service. Additionally, you’ll want to watch this video about the Four Chaplains which is how I end the message. God bless you in your service, in whatever form!


The Armor of God (For First Responders)

First Responder PicI know you’ll enjoy this message as I compare The Armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-17 with the equipment that Police and Firefighters use! We did this for our special thanksgiving service for First Responders!


Celebrating Confirmation

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This message is shareconfirmationd with my colleague Colleen Carpenter-Gonia, Director of Student Ministries, as we both answered three simple questions, but from the perspective of adults and the teens of the congregation. I know you will be blessed by this message, especially Colleen sharing about the gifts she sees in our five confirmation students!



How did your mom help you grow in faith?

Latest-Happy-Mothers-Day-Rose-ImagesThis week the message was a number of testimonies from kids and adults about how their mother helped them grow in faith. You might also enjoy this call to worship which will put a smile on your face!