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How Does Your Piece Fit In?

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The third sermon in the worship series, “How Does the Bible Apply in July!”  This week someone asked for a better explanation of “The Priesthood of All Believers.”  We moved from this reformation topic to a wonderful exploration of the unique and special ways that God has created everyone,

Do What You Are Going To Do!

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The second in the worship series, “How Does the Bible Apply in July,” this one on dealing with difficult people!  We’ve all got them in our lives:  co-workers, bosses, family or friends and possibly neighbors.  What wisdom does the Bible offer for dealing with these people?  Listen and find

A Still, Small Voice in an ADD Society

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This is the first in a sermon series called, “How Does the Bible Apply in July?” in which I’ve taken questions from the congregation about some of the challenges of life and then applied Biblical wisdom to them.  This first question was about how to slow down and be

Why This Blog?

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So why create a blog…it’s not like we need one more? The answer is twofold.  First, I work really hard to create and deliver messages to bless your life, but maybe you’re not local.  Or if you are local you might have to work, have other commitments, be sick