Why This Blog?

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Person-leaping-forwardSo why create a blog…it’s not like we need one more?

The answer is twofold.  First, I work really hard to create and deliver messages to bless your life, but maybe you’re not local.  Or if you are local you might have to work, have other commitments, be sick or just miss a message.  And yet, that might be JUST the message that will transform your life.  So I created this blog to store my messages.  Furthermore, by subscribing here or on the top right, you’ll get an email every time a new message comes out.

The second reason for this blog is dialogue.  I’m inspired with messages to bless you…but it’s one way.  I speak and you listen.  But what if you don’t get it?  (Maybe you’re having a bad day…or I am.)  What if you want to dig deeper?  What if you try something I offer and it doesn’t work?  What if you try something, it works and you want to share and celebrate?

Hence the magic little button, Comment!  Please use it to ask questions, tell me how things are going and tell me how I can bless you more….after all, that’s why I’m here!

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