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Share: Holding Your Family Together

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The first in this sermon series, Holding Your Family Together, as we learn the simple faith practice of sharing your highs and lows!  I truly hope and believe this sermon and this series will deepen and strengthen your family! If you’re interested, you can check out the book here

Let’s Go Team!

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The fall season seems a lot like the beginning of a sports season, so I took the role of a coach this weekend!  I hope the thoughts and message I shared get you excited about what God is doing and can do in your life at this very season

Serve the Lord At Work!

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When you realize about 1/3 of our waking time is spent at work, there is a wonderful opportunity to connect our faith and our work!  That’s exactly what this Labor Day Weekend sermon does, which I hope will bless and inspire your work and life!  Leave me some comments