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Always Reforming!

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This message for Reformation Day reminds us of the history that created the Lutheran denomination and the Protestant branch of Christianity. Even more, though, it reminds us of how that history affects our lives and churches today! You might also enjoy this movie scene I started with!   Podcast:

Bless: Holding Your Family Together!

The fifth and final in this worship series as we talk about the power of “Bless!” You’ll find this message a little shorter as people shared about how they have been blessed by the Faith Five! (Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to record them…but it’s coming soon!) You

Pray: Holding Your Family Together

The fourth in this worship series which has the power to deeply bless and strengthen your relationship with God…and at the same time your family!  You might also be blessed by this call to worship testimony we used, this sermon outline and this prayer handout! Podcast: Play in new

Talk: Holding Your Family Together

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The third in this series that will deeply bless your family!  Now we add on top of “Share” and “Read” talking together, about life and the scripture passage read!  Listen to this sermon and you’ll find out how the Faith 5 can literally help you be twice the parent