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If Heaven Is So Great, Why Am I Afraid to Die?

The fourth in this message series dealing with the BIG questions about heaven! You might also enjoy this interview with Colton Burpo, about the account that became Heaven Is For Real and also the Bible story I mention from John 11:21-27! Podcast: Play in new window | Download |

Seven Mile Walk With Jesus

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I would like to reflect on my recent Seven Mile Walk with Jesus (7MWWJ). This is a retreat style weekend which goes by many other names. Emmaus Walk was another common name, but recently the groups parted ways in Maryland. It also has many other names, Cursillo, Via de

What Is Heaven Like?

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Many, many thanks to Dona Bushong for being the guest preacher with this wonderful sermon!  You might also enjoy this call to worship and you might want to read along with this scripture passage from Revelation 21:9-26. If you enjoy the sermon, please let Dona know with an email!

Who Will Be In Heaven?

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The second is this worship series dealing with the big questions about heaven! I make reference to this video clip and you might also be blessed by these two passages of scripture, Ephesians 2:1-10 and Matthew 7:21-23! Blessings to you as you wrestle with heaven and how your relationship with

Is Heaven For Real?

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The first in this brand new worship series wrestling with the big questions about heaven! I used this scene from Sleepless In Seattle which will help setup the sermon topic! You might also want to review this passage from Matthew 28:1-10 that I make reference to!! I truly hope