The first message in this series dealing with the effects of stress and how God has a better plan for us! The Call to Worship Skit is also linked below and also a video of the message below. This sermon handout might also be helpful. Lastly, you also might want to follow along in Romans 8:26-39.

More God Less Stress Opening Skit

Why Stress?  More God, Less Stress

Trust God:  More God, Less Stress

More Planning, Less Stress:  More God, Less Stress

Simplicity and Laughter:  More God, Less Stress

Serve:  More God, Less Stress

Sharing and Wrap up:  More God, Less Stress

If you live in Northeastern Maryland, I truly hope you can stop
by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Aberdeen, Maryland and
be blessed by more worship series just like this!!